The fakes are better than ever, would you know the difference?

With the troubled economy, many people are dropping off their designer handbags to resale shops, or turning to Ebay to sell them online. And if you’re buying, it’s an opportunity to snag great deals on luxury products. But would you know the difference between the authentic bag and the fake? Before you buy, we have […]

How To Choose The Right Handbag?

The choice of the most suitable handbag can make your whole outfit just POP! Now, let’s just acknowledge that this question is very subjective. Style does not follow any official rule and in fact all the latest modern stylists are just going against all the previous trends. Be unique and let express yourself in an […]

Coach Handbags a Victim of the Recession

Coach is now planning to provide its iconic handbags at lower prices. Coach also will slow the pace of its share-repurchase program. Recession where effecting all section of the society, fashion market and top handbag industries like Coach are also into clutches. The company reported that bag sales fell 6% across all channels in North […]

Coach Rich Heritage

It was in 1941, in a New York City loft that the founder of the Coach family business got his inspiration from a classic American symbol, the baseball glove, to create his personal heritage. For him the distinctive markings and deep glowing burnish of the glove would uncover a potential far beyond its sources. The […]

Coach Signature fabric

The “C” pattern will be crooked.  Except for some newer patterns, like the “optic” or my new favorite “scarf print,” the tip of the horizontal “C” facing the other “C” should touch. Also, the pattern should line up and start in the center of the front panel of the bag (same with the back panel).  […]

The Stitching of Authentic Coach Handbags

The stitching or general construction of the bag looks sloppy – this is a sure sign because COACH does not make sloppy products!  Each stitch should be the same length as every other stitch, it should be in a straight line, and there should be no “over-stitching”.

The bag does not look like any other bag

If it looks “sort of” like a bag you’ve seen but something is “off” – be careful! The design is also subjected to copyright. This means that fake handbags must look different in their design from original ones. These changes are kept to a bare minimum, but they are still visible for the trained eye. […]

Coach Handbags Replicas

The seller is listing an unusually large number of the same exact bag. This is a red flag because there are websites where you can purchase good-quality replicas, and I have seen these replicas listed on eBay claiming to be authentic. Note that replicas are usually made of fabric, as leather is more expensive and […]

Photos Quality

Beware of blurry photos or stock photos (a stock photo is one that has been cut-and-pasted from the COACH website, usually with a white background) – this does not necessarily mean the bag is fake, but if you see either of these types of photos, I would contact the seller and ask if they can […]

Coach Authenticity

Take note if there is absolutely no mention that the bag is authentic! If so, ask the seller to verify that they are offering an authentic product. If they fail to respond to your request, this may be a sign that they don’t want to incriminate themselves. But be careful! Just because the seller claims […]